Montana's Eagle Experience

Feedback about our programs


Thank you so much for an incredible experience, Anne! We cannot recommend you highly enough. Honestly – I broke down and cried as I left – you all were so kind even after our scheduling difficulty and I’d been dreaming of the experience for years! Dream come true.

Joy Marsalla
September 6, 2022

PAUL YOU ROCK!!!! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – your email was lost in the junk!!! We’ve told anyone who we can can pin down about our fantastic adventure with your family! Adam is already planning to play with them again so please let us know if you relocate anytime soon? Thanks so much for the pictures and the wonderful memories we’ll all treasure for years & years! We appreciate all you guys do! Please stay safe & take care! 😀

Jennifer and Adam Williamson Valley, AZ
July 25, 2020

Hello Paul and Anne, Just wanted to thank you again for being such gracious hosts. It was a wonderful experience for me; good friends, great hosts and of course those wondrous birds. I hope you never forget what a privilege it is to be the caregivers and lovers for these amazing creatures. And indeed it was my great privilege to be able to share the time and to photograph them.

Tom Wardrup

Paul and Anne: Thank you so much for a wonderful day and for making our time with you so memorable and exciting for Mimi’s 60th Birthday Expedition!  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both of you, as well as meeting Coda and Odin and all your raptor companions.  It was thrilling to observe Coda and Odin hunt and catch the rabbit, then see their natural instinct to protect their kill and themselves as they began to eat it.  Your love and respect for raptors is quite apparent and we were honored you were willing to share this experience with us. Thanks again for a great day!

Eric Noye, Green Valley, AZ 85614

WOW! Thank you so much for all the amazing pictures! David is still beaming from ear to ear. Thank you for all that both of you did to make David’s birthday one to remember! Especially with Hilda! And thank you so much for my special time with Marlee!!! All the birds, both of you, and the highly educational program you have developed are incredible. Thank you for everything!  I can’t thank you enough, both of you, for all that you shared with us. We will be talking about it for years to come! You are both such incredible people doing what you do and conveying the message of conservation that you do. We wish you, the beautiful birds, and your wonderful program all the best in reaching out to people who can make sustainable and positive changes on the planet. Thank you for all that you both do, I hope it comes back to you 100 fold!

Jennifer Price, Williamson Valley, AZ

Thank you for a wonderful session at Braddock Bay. I can’t say enough about your professionalism with your superb raptors and the excellent way you presented them to us. The location was nice with the natural perches and background. I compliment you for the concern you showed us and your knowledge of photographers and what pleases us. I really thank Bill H. for his heads up to your operation. It was top drawer and I enjoyed the experience immensely even with my bum knee. I will be willing to serve as a rec for your presentations if you like. The baked goods -coffee cakes were also excellent so my compliments to the chef. I will try to attach a few shots of you in action as I have so many of the birds I can’t process them yet. Thanks so much.

Judge Joe Forma
Oct. 2013

Thank you for a very unique experience that was different from anywhere else I have ever been. You explained a lot of information and kept our interest throughout the experience. I liked the Harris’s Hawk the best. I also learned that it is Harris’s not Harris. I saw lots of raptors and my favorite part was when I got to have the raptors land and perch on a glove.

Jared (Age 13)

Thank you so much for such a fun time. Going up there I didn’t know what to expect, but that has to be one of the most fun things I have ever done! I know that my friend in Colorado who loves raptors would be very jealous. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I definitely feel more inclined to do things to help protect them. I loved that not only was it educational to learn about the birds, but how it can apply to our lives as well. I loved eating the javelina, and really loved holding all of the different birds. That is on my Top 5 list for the most fun things I have ever done!

Nathan (age 15)

Thank you Paul and Anne for the highlight of our spring break! Our family had the best time interacting with the beautiful and amazing raptors under your care. You made everything so interesting and we appreciate your patience with the boys. Our four boys couldn’t stop talking about the birds and fun they had learning about them from your deep knowledge as we drove back to Phoenix. Also, thanks for the javelina and air compressor! We would recommend Arizona Raptor’s Experience to any family looking to have a truly unique experience.

Chris Chumley, Gilbert Arizona

Pam and I would like to thank you once again for what we are both calling one of the best days of our 2 month winter escape in Arizona. Your knowledge of ornithology and your ability to customize the discussion to our level of understanding of complex environmental and associated issues was outstanding! The time flew by (no pun intended) and we truly enjoyed learning about the birds that you care for and protect. We will be talking about our experience with many friends and relatives when we return home, and I expect that a few may want to have a similar experience when they come to Arizona. If we can ever be a reference for anyone who is considering spending time with you, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to oblige. And thanks also for the great pictures! Best regards.

Ken and Pam Hannan
March 14, 2019

Good Morning Paul and Anne, I had typed up a reply last weekend but for some reason didn’t send it. Anyway, Wow those were some amazing shots you two got. Thank you for sending those. I will be printing some of those out this weekend, the kids want to show their friends. The kids and I really had a great time. It was for sure a memorable experience. Sofia is at an awkward ‘tween age where she may act too cool to be impressed by much. But both Sofia and Jacob told me that they enjoyed their time and were glad we went. Sofia liked little Charlie and Jacob liked Coda. I’m glad to say that It was NOT counted as one of Dad’s lame, boring outings. We also stopped by Watson Lake for a little while before we went home. Thanks again.

Isaac Filipski

On a trip that included Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley NP, Joshua Tree NP, Saguaro NP, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, and many other sites, our most exciting and enjoyable day was the day we spent with you guys and your birds; Top notch experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. In less than an hour, I captured dozens of great photographs that would have taken weeks to get in the wild. We plan to come back next year and do the Introduction to Falconry program. Thanks again!

Jim ( and Marzi

Thank you so much for the educational, inspirational raptor visit. The boys loved it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have forwarded the photo to both their e-mails so they will have them forever. Thank you again.

Goldie, Jeff, and Richie
Dear Anne and Paul, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for our raptor experience last Monday. I was one of Greg McKelvey’s “harem” and the one that laid on the ground to get the best shot! In the meantime, I just wanted to say how much I (well, we) enjoyed our private experience.  We learned so much and being that up close and personal with the birds, was indeed, a special experience that I will cherish always.  What a fabulous opportunity to take photos that I would not normally be able to. You’re a class act, and I’m so happy you allowed us to spend time with you and the wonderful birds.
Patty Hunt 

Thank you both for a fun and most educational morning with your birds. What a special treat. I am pleased that the group of five photographers worked so well together. A good group size as far as I am concerned.

Greg McKelvey,

“Hi Guys, I’ve shared our experience with you with many friends. The personal time with you two is the Touch this world is missing. You’re REAL people. My Bucket is full. Thank you. P.S. I listened to Led Zeppelin when I got home for a week… Thanks!!

Kenny and Lisa

Hi Paul and Anne, What you offer and share is a gift to the world. Spirit and nature. Interacting with your incredible raptors seemed gift enough, but you graciously added the bonus of sharing yourselves too. We are deeply appreciative of the rare experience you provide and of getting to know you. Both truly joyful. If life and time permitted, yours is a friendship we would pursue. Your pictures are great, Paul. Big THANKS and HUG!


Good Morning Paul and Anne, I want to thank you for being a part of our Celebrate Mesa this past Saturday! This past weekend was a great success and brought wonderful one of a kind experiences to the entire community! Your main stage performance was a fabulous educational instrument with an important message for today’s youth. From what I saw, the meet and greet was a huge success as well! Every time I walked past your booth there was a crowd of people in awe of your beautiful birds. I saw excitement in the eyes of numerous attendees as they walked towards your tent. I would just like to say again thank you for being a part of our event. You have been great to work with leading up to Celebrate Mesa! My only regret is that I did not get a chance myself to fully enjoy your presentation/meet and greet. I guess I will just have to come to you next time! I hope you both enjoyed your time in Mesa and from the entire Celebrate Mesa team, thank you! Best Regards.

George Tole

Dear Paul & Anne. Thank you again for all your personal touch & spending so much time on the photos. We have Coda full-size landing on my fist with 2 different angles into 2 8×10’s. The photos & handling/flying Coda are priceless & fulfilled my bucket list. Thank you for asking me to share my mother’s story with you. We’ve been sharing the photos & your raptor experience with many others. You went way beyond the call. That’s the way you are though. It’s nice to know that there are people in the world who are there to give back just for the sake of sharing & caring. I saw a peregrine falcon Friday morning 7:30 in Sedona at Tabletop trail. We saw black hawks, red tails, coopers, cardinals, & vermillion flycatchers. At the top of Cathedral Rock we sat & listened to the sweet sound of a canyon wren & smiled from ear to ear. Thanks for letting us live part of the history of falconry with you. We love the photo of the taxi on facebook. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! God bless you & keep you always.

Kenny & Lisa, CA
April 16, 2018

Dear Anne & Paul, What a way to spend our 47th anniversary and 72nd birthday !!! We just can’t believe we actually experienced such a mind-blowing feast of beauty and greatness! We will forever treasure every interaction with you, and your amazing bird family. We thank you profusely for sharing your knowledge of the birds and nature with us. You have touched our hearts and minds in a way we never dreamed possible, and provided us with a much greater understanding of these magnificent creatures. Our love to you, and the birds that so willingly co-operated, and helped to make our raptor experience unforgettable. Until we meet again. Bud & Betty. We would also like to thank you for the fantastic pictures !! The birds in flight are amazing! We would also like to thank you for a glimpse of your personal lives in educating people & putting the truth facts out there. You are both fantastic educators & also wonderful people! Thank you for everything. The pronghorn was a great dessert! Good luck with your bees.  May the road rise to meet you…


Betty & Bud

Dear Paul, Thank you so very much for your excellent presentations yesterday. You are an outstanding speaker. We all learned so much about raptors, and I thought you had a marvelous ability to speak to each class’s level of understanding. We will be talking about the day for months. I sincerely hope things continue to go well for your family, your birds and animals, and the Institute.

Nancy Burmeister, Lew-Port Elementary School
June 8, 1991

Hello Paul and Anne, Our visit with you and your birds was so very wonderful. Thank you both for all you shared with us, and a huge thanks for the fabulous pictures you both sent – great photos for a very special day.  To address your question, I don’t know when I’ll walk unaided again, but I keep improving – slowly but surely – so the day is coming! I’m able to do things now (like yesterday) that I could not do 2 months ago. Joy is a powerful emotion that aids healing, and the joy I felt with your birds will go a long way to help me recover. We’ll be sharing our “Experience” with others, and we’ll see you again. Thanks so very much!

Sherry, John, Chris and Sheri

Of all the amazing experiences I had on my vacation, meeting both of you and spending time learning about and photographing the birds was absolutely the highlight of my trip. And I got some photos that I am very happy with.

Lisa Dawson, WI

Hi Anne and Paul, Mark and I wanted to thank you for our fantastic visit!! We are so excited too see you and your bird family again!!! Tweet, Tweet.

Mark and Camille Stratton, San Diego, CA

Dear Paul and Anne, Thank you so much for the most wonderful day last Saturday.  We so appreciate that you arranged for a late arrival. I have never seen Stan so happy with your owls – you made his day-year-life.  We so appreciate all we learned – but more so your kindness. Paul – your pictures are fantastic.  I have not let anyone take my picture in years – but you did well.  I’m going to have all your photos printed and make a scrapbook of the event for Stan. You both are so amazing and wonderful, kind and special.

Lisa Graham and Stan Cheske
June 1, 2017

What an exciting experience for both William and I.  I learned SO much and it added to William’s knowledge bank, but more important was the experience of the raptors and interacting with you and Anne.  You both are examples of what is right in this world and how we all need to step up and play our part. Thank you for honoring William’s knowledge and at the same time emphasizing the need for him to use that knowledge in the world.  It was a gift to meet you and Anne!

Sharlene Blackley, Prescott, AZ

On behalf of the students of the Buffalo Public Schools, I wish to convey a sincere thank you for the excellent programs you presented at the Waterfront School and Olmsted School #56. Your presentation on the Biology and Ecology of Birds of Prey and your demonstrations with “Mingo” the red-tailed hawk, provided an informative and captivating experience for our youngsters. Your message of respect for nature and the need for conservation and protection of the environment was clear and understood by all. Your work is what Science Education is all about. When we get to know Mingo and what he stands for, we have expanded the walls of the classroom and built positive attitudes and appreciation for all living things.


Stanley J. Wegrzynowski, Director, Science Education, Buffalo School

Dear Mr.and Mrs. Schnell, Thank you for the amazing experience. I enjoyed tid-bitting and feeding “her” [referring to a baby owl], also getting to meet all your birds. I wish you good health and wealth.

Jodi (11 1/2 year old)
I deeply appreciate your kindness and hospitality on the 31st of May. Your facility is outstanding, and I hope you continue to grow. People like you tend to stay on top of things, so there is no need in trying [sic] to help you. Please try and reach out to those who have no knowledge in these things, I know you can. God Bless.
Joanie (11 1/2 year old)

Our 12 year old twin granddaughters had an awesome experience at the “Meet and Greet.” They learned so much about your magnificent birds. We appreciate the time you took to explain about each bird. The girls couldn’t stop talking about the flight demonstration. Your program is top notch and we highly recommend it.

Michelle Furlow, Prescott AZ

Paul and Anne are the premier environmental educators in Western NY! Their passion for the Earth and engaging people in conservation efforts is infectious. People are drawn to Paul and Anne and their raptors. This is a wonderfully entertaining and educational program. Paul and Anne do a wonderful job showing the birds and explaining the bird’s characteristics and conservation needs. Your migration from NY to AZ is going to be a big loss for the Montezuma Audubon Center. We wish you tremendous success in your new home.

Chris Lajewski, Director, Montezuma Audubon Center, Savannah, NY

Our family had a wonderful time at Arizona’s Raptor Experience. We enjoyed our time learning about different birds of prey. The “Hawk Walk” was a highlight for our two school aged children and our high schooler fell in love with the owls. The interactive aspect of Arizona’s Raptor Experience is a must for anyone who has an interest in these beautiful birds. Paul and Anne Schnell were excellent and patient hosts who took time to instruct us on nearly all aspects of their feathered creatures. Our overall experience was wonderful and we would absolutely recommend this event to anyone.

Lilli Rautanen, Sierra Vista, AZ

THANK YOU for the amazing experience…from start to finish – hands on experience with the birds, interaction with you, looking at the rest of the raptors etc. In short it was a fabulous morning with fabulous raptors and fabulous hosts. Maureen says to tell you it was one of her best days ever. Thank you again.

Marty & Maureen Pope, Scottsdale, AZ

My husband said this (a hawk walk) was the best birthday gift I have ever given him! He LOVED it.


Betty Marvin, Prescott AZ

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most amazing day of our lives! We will never forget the enthusiasm and kindness you both showed us…I hope you thrive here in AZ.

Lisa Anders, Prescott, AZ

Thank you so so much. A unique experience that was fun and exciting. This was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Mark Elder, Sedona, AZ

Paul and Anne,
Thank you so much for assisting with the Peregrine Falcon (‘Defiant’) relocation. It was impressive to watch the process and I’m certain she will have a good life with you. The care and respect you showed towards the owl and the peregrine was evident. I have so much respect for the work you do. Many thanks once again.

Monica Pellegrino Faix
Executive Director Richardson Center Corporation

We thoroughly enjoyed our day-long Introduction to Falconry program! You brought the sport/passion/practice of Falconry to vivid life for us with your knowledge, enthusiasm, birds, and clear commitment to “do the right thing” by regulation and/or ethic at all times. We greatly enjoyed accompanying both of you for a hunting outing as your Harris’s Hawks Coda and Odin searched for and found a prey target which they quickly caught. Anne’s instruction on specifics on starting into Falconry, equipment, facilities, rules and regulations was very interesting for both of us. Our tour of your Mews to see all your raptors and meet and hold several, was thrilling. Finally, thank you for opening your home to us during the day and for the great wild game burger lunch! Thank you again for a great day!

Eric Noyes

We made it home safely. By the way, all of these pictures are amazing. This was such an incredible experience and the highlight of our trip. I was talking to a friend and she knows someone in the Phoenix area and I told her all about it and told her it was well worth the drive to Chino Valley! Thanks again for everything. You have a one of a kind experience that I will do again if I get back to your area.

Mary Hammonds
June 25, 20

We all had a BLAST and a massive part of that was you and your wife. You both are so knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. We were very excited at the prospect of seeing and interacting with such magnificent animals, but our actual experience blew away our expectations. Paul would be happy I’m sure to answer your questions, he enjoys talking music. Thanks again Paul hope we can see you guys again soon.

Brian Kellogg
December 16, 2019

Hi Paul and Anne,
Thank you for our third great experience with the Harris’s Hawks and your other bird friends! This was our granddaughter Bella’s first raptor experience, and our whole family is amazed at the beauty and skills of the beautiful birds! She and her brother Daniel got some great photos and videos and such great photos from you also. Your birds are amazing and we learn something new every time.
Thanks again!

Janet Yglesias and family from TX
January 4, 2020

Paul and Anne,
Thank you so much for allowing us to come experience handling the different species. And thank you for taking the time to talk with Noah. He loved the time with you Paul so much. He was crying on the way home because he was so touched by your kindness. He said “I am sad because I will never see my friend Paul again”.
You both have hearts of gold for all that you do for your birds and teaching others. I will send pictures of the boxes that we will make.

Mo and Noah
July 11, 2020

We’ve told anyone/everyone about our spectacular day & now we have awesome picture proof showing that we weren’t exaggerating lol!! You guys delivered a wonderful experience for Adams birthday that will provide fantastic memories for many years to come!! What a magnificent job you have where you get to spread joy + knowledge + kindness while also sharing your fabulous feathered friends with us too! Adam is already excited about his next raptor adventure so we may have accidentally created a monster!!! Please send our best to Paul & take care of each other ~ thanks again

July 2020

Thank y’all so much for the amazing time! I wish you great luck in your future endeavors and the move. Hope to see y’all again.

Jody O’Bier
Asst. Chief of Police in beautiful Louisiana!

Hi to all of you. Hope this finds you both well. Visiting with you is always going to be a memory held in my heart 4ever. Sharing my mom’s story with you was very special. My life with raptors and ALL birds will be tied together with our experience with you always. Let us know where you move to.

Kenny and Lisa Mace
Christmas 2020

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for the pics! I got 5 emails with pictures and this one.
What a beyond amazing experience! It was one of our best days ever. Thanks for sharing your expertise and passion with us.
Are there directions for making an owl box online that are good? Our owls haven’t been in our yard for awhile.
Take care and best wishes for your move.
Thanks again!

Marie and Sam Howell
March 25, 2021

Can’t thank you and Anne enough! The images are all fabulous. Tom still talking about it. The best surprise I have ever been able to pull off. Bless you both. May the new changes coming your way (in Montana) comfort your souls! May there be much happiness in your future.

Tom and Jennie Hinders, April 16, 2021
Scott Allyn and Goliath

Scott Allyn and Goliath
Photograph by Paul Schnell

Richard Gere Eagle

Liberty with Paul Kupchok
and Richard Gere at Green Chimneys
Birds of Prey Day
Photograph by Paul Schnell

Hilda, Tinsley and Paul 1-18-2020
Photograph by Anne Schnell

secretary eagle

Former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt with Liberty at the Montezuma NWR for a press conference, 1995
Photograph by Paul Schnell

brandon owl experience

Brendan’s Owl Encounter 
Photograph by Paul Schnell

Eagle Hunter photograph by Larry Miyamura

Aishopan the heroine of the documentary ‘The Eagle Huntress’. Click to view an exclusive peak into the lives of the Kazahh Eagle Hunters & Huntress. Photograph by Larry Miyamura

Featured photograph in header: Tawny Eagle by Mark Elder